RDLG - Red Leg Beginner 3-man July

Event Location: Red Leg Action Sports, Clarksville, Tennessee (Map) (Directions)
Event Date: Saturday, July 19th
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, July 16th 11:59 PM CST

Entry Fee Deadlines and Team Limits

Group Signed UpPaidLimitClassThrough
July 16th
Signed UpPaidLimit
RaceTo-2 (3-man) 13 13 None Division 5 $45
* Open until 07/17
7 7 16
Division 6 $45
* Open until 07/19 at 08:30 AM
6 6 16
Payment deadlines are at 11:59 PM CST unless otherwise noted above.

13 RaceTo-2 (3-man) teams paid of 13 teams registered.

Free Agents for this event

Division 5 RaceTo-2 (3-man)

Abstract Roster Payment Accepted
CONVERSIONRoster Payment Accepted
Goodbye HorsesRoster Payment Accepted
INFIDELS 3manRoster Payment Accepted
Kentucky Born Kaos Roster Payment Accepted
Kentucky Born Kaos 2Roster Payment Accepted
Swamp Donkeys Roster Payment Accepted
7 teams paid of 7 teams registered in this division.

Division 6 RaceTo-2 (3-man)

Cental ShootersRoster Payment Accepted
Has Anyone Seen My Nods 3manRoster Payment Accepted
HitmanRoster Payment Accepted
PlatinumRoster Payment Accepted
Renegades Roster Payment Accepted
Squeaker SquadRoster Payment Accepted
6 teams paid of 6 teams registered in this division.

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