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The APPA is paintball's tournament registration and classification system. If you are looking to play tournament paintball at any level, from beginner all the way up to professional, this is the place to find all of the best events to compete in.
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Upcoming Events

Date Location Event Participate
11/29 Shamong, NJ QSPL - Event 6 (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
12/05 Pierce City, MO KICK'N - Kick'n 3man series event 2 (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
12/05 - 12/06 The Woodlands, TX HPL - YG&D5 3Man, D4&D5 5man (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
12/06 Flint, MI NXPL - NXPL Championship (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
12/06 St Paul, MN Air Assault - AA20154man (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
12/06 Bloomington, IL CIA Paintball - Urban Warfare Christmas Cash (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
12/06 Laotto, IN PaintballPlex - PaintballPlex 5 man EVENT 1 (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
12/10 - 12/13 Roodepoort, GP SARPL - SC_2015 (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
12/10 - 12/13 Roodepoort, GP SARPL - SC_2015_3man (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
12/12 - 12/13 Pflugerville, TX CTPL - CTPL Big Money (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
12/12 - 12/13 Lakeland, FL CFPS - CFP Year End 10-Man (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
12/13 Laotto, IN PaintballPlex - PaintballPlex 3 man EVENT 2 (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
12/13 Melrose Park, IL CPXI - Winter Indoor (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
12/19 Everett, SSNW - Indoor 3-Man Challenge (December) (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
12/20 West St. Paul, MB SunShow - Sunday Showdown - Holiday Classic (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
01/03 Flint, MI LEPL - LEPL 3 Man Xball 1 (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
01/17 Clinton Township, MI LWP - Winter Classic (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
01/17 Los Botines, TX LPL - The President's Cup 2016 (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
01/17 Laotto, IN PaintballPlex - PaintballPlex 3 man EVENT 3 (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
01/23 - 01/24 Punta Gorda, FL MiLP - Winter Mixer (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
01/30 - 01/31 Pierce City, MO KICK'N - Kick'n 2016 (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
02/20 Flint, MI NCPA - MWGL #3 (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
02/20 Pierce City, MO KICK'N - 3man Indoor Championship (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
02/21 Laotto, IN PaintballPlex - PaintballPlex 5 man EVENT 2 (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
02/26 - 02/28 Oceanside, CA WCPPL - WCPPL Event 1 Beach City Classic (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
02/26 - 02/28 Punta Gorda, FL NPA - Winter Nationals (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
02/27 Snohomish, NBALL - NBALL (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
02/28 Canton, GA NCPA - MSCC #3 (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
03/06 Laotto, IN PaintballPlex - PaintballPlex 3 man EVENT 4 (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
03/20 Laotto, IN PaintballPlex - PaintballPlex 5 man EVENT 3 (Event Info/Register) (Directions)
04/02 - 04/03 Lynchburg, VA NCPA - MSCC Class A #2 (Event Info/Register) (Directions)


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First Time?

Signing up for one of the many leagues using the APPA system is simple. Just follow the four steps below:

  1. Sign up for an APPA Player ID number
  2. Register Your Team for Events
  3. See event team lists, team rosters, modify your rosters, and make event payments
  4. If required, pay your league's player registration fee and get an ID card

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Nobody likes sandbaggers, and everyone deserves a fair chance to compete. That's why the top leagues in the country rely on the APPA system to ensure fair competition, while providing an easy, convenient way for their teams to register for events. If you want to know if your tournament series takes paintball competition seriously, make sure they use APPA!

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