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CPS - Arena Party Belgium

Event Location: Breakout Arena & Liège Paintball, Sprimont, International (Map) (Directions)
Event Date: Friday, June 6th to Sunday, June 8th
Registration Deadline: Saturday, May 31st 11:59 PM EST

Entry Fee Deadlines and Team Limits

Group Signed UpPaidLimitClassThrough
May 31st
Signed UpPaidLimit
Pro (Super League) RaceTo-X
(Sat-Sun) (VAT Exempt)
5 5 5 Pro (Super League) EUR850,00 5 5 5
(Fri-Sun) (VAT Exempt)
20 20 None Semi-Pro EUR750,00 7 7 7
Division 1 (League One) EUR600,00 13 13 13
Division 2 (League Two) RaceTo-3
(Fri-Sun) (VAT Exempt)
21 21 22 Division 2 (League Two) EUR500,00 21 21 22
(Sat-Sun) (VAT Included)
42 42 32 Hitman EUR35,00
* Open until 06/06
42 42 32
Note: All online payments will incur a 3% online convenience fee. This price will be reflected upon checkout. This fee may be avoided by paying by check.
Payment deadlines are at 11:59 PM EST unless otherwise noted above.

25 RaceTo-X (VAT Included) teams paid of 25 teams registered.
21 RaceTo-3 (VAT Included) teams paid of 21 teams registered.
42 One-on-One (VAT Included) teams paid of 42 teams registered.

Free Agents for this event

    • Pro (Super League) RaceTo-X (Sat-Sun) (VAT Exempt) (5 Teams)
    • Breakout SPARoster Payment Accepted
      InstinctRoster Payment Accepted
      MARSEILLE VISIONRoster Payment Accepted
      MLKingsRoster Payment Accepted
      PPARENA.CZRoster Payment Accepted
      5 teams paid of 5 teams registered in this division.

    • Semi-Pro RaceTo-X (Fri-Sun) (VAT Exempt) (7 Teams)
    • BanditsRoster Payment Accepted
      black legion NimesRoster Payment Accepted
      DRUID Saulx les ChartreuxRoster Payment Accepted
      Helsinki CycloneRoster Payment Accepted
      PhoenixRoster Payment Accepted
      Reading EntityRoster Payment Accepted
      Warsaw UnitedRoster Payment Accepted
      7 teams paid of 7 teams registered in this division.

    • Division 1 (League One) RaceTo-X (Fri-Sun) (VAT Exempt) (13 Teams)
    • Assassins CracowRoster Payment Accepted
      AvengersRoster Payment Accepted
      bandits oneRoster Payment Accepted
      ECI VeteransRoster Payment Accepted
      Green Monkey KingsRoster Payment Accepted
      IndecenceRoster Payment Accepted
      London FearlessRoster Payment Accepted
      SCALPRoster Payment Accepted
      SheriffRoster Payment Accepted
      TrollsRoster Payment Accepted
      United StrasbourgRoster Payment Accepted
      VAN GOGHRoster Payment Accepted
      WeaponsRoster Payment Accepted
      13 teams paid of 13 teams registered in this division.

    • Division 2 (League Two) RaceTo-3 (Fri-Sun) (VAT Exempt) (21 Teams)
    • Aggression The HagueRoster Payment Accepted
      ASSAUTRoster Payment Accepted
      Banshee Saulx Les ChartreuxRoster Payment Accepted
      Bavarian RazorbacksRoster Payment Accepted
      Colorball CharleroiRoster Payment Accepted
      Damage BremenRoster Payment Accepted
      DRUID 2 Saulx les ChartreuxRoster Payment Accepted
      Fun Factory ArenaRoster Payment Accepted
      JABBAWOOKEEZ GermanyRoster Payment Accepted
      London impactRoster Payment Accepted
      London ShockRoster Payment Accepted
      Ludwigsburg AttackRoster Payment Accepted
      Olympic SamuraiRoster Payment Accepted
      pokeur teamRoster Payment Accepted
      Rafales 76Roster Payment Accepted
      Rockstar Factory Team GermanyRoster Payment Accepted
      Sacramento Fun FactoryRoster Payment Accepted
      SCALP 2Roster Payment Accepted
      scarfaceRoster Payment Accepted
      TORO FACTORYRoster Payment Accepted
      Wicked CharmsRoster Payment Accepted
      21 teams paid of 21 teams registered in this division.

    • One-on-One (Sat-Sun) (VAT Included) (42 Teams)
    • Aleksey UstinovPlayers
      Alexander VinichenkoPlayers
      Arnaud PilotPlayers
      Aurélien ViauPlayers
      AXEL KNAUFPlayers
      Chris FlötingPlayers
      Christophe FernandesPlayers
      Dmitry KutrashevPlayers
      Ilja BauduschPlayers
      Jaroslavas ZiugzdaPlayers
      Jason millerPlayers
      Jean Michel SardatPlayers
      jeremy azoulayPlayers
      Kononov AnatoliiPlayers
      Krzysztof Hibel Players
      Luiz BenottiPlayers
      Luke WilliamsPlayers
      Maciej WietrzykowskiPlayers
      Matthiew LecuirutPlayers
      Ole-Henrik AkerPlayers
      Paul Graham Players
      Paul Mini StenerudPlayers
      Petr PapezPlayers
      Philippe SeutinPlayers
      Roman TiPlayers
      Ruslan MalyyPlayers
      Ryan FinchPlayers
      SAM FYNANPlayers
      Speedy PranchairPlayers
      Thiago AraujoPlayers
      Tomas PerutkaPlayers
      Tor Martin HamgaardPlayers
      Vladimir CepilovPlayers
      Vladimir KozirevPlayers
      Vladimir VinogradovPlayers
      Yunus CelikPlayers
      Zimmermann AlexandrePlayers
      42 teams paid of 42 teams registered in this division.

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