CFPS - CFPS 2010 Round 1

Event Location: Central Fl Paintball, Lakeland, Florida
Event Date: Saturday, January 23rd to Sunday, January 24th
Registration Deadline: Friday, January 22nd 12:00 AM EST

Entry Fee Deadlines and Team Limits

Group Signed UpPaidLimitClassThrough
January 22nd
Signed UpPaidLimit
RaceTo-X (XBall)
11 11 None Division 2 $500 0 0 None
Division 3 $500 6 6 None
Division 4 $500 5 5 None
RaceTo-2 (5-man)
20 20 None Division 4 $250 10 10 None
Division 5 $250 10 10 None
Payment deadlines are at 11:59 PM EST unless otherwise noted above.

11 RaceTo-X (XBall) teams paid of 11 teams registered.
20 RaceTo-2 (5-man) teams paid of 20 teams registered.

Free Agents for this event

Division 3 RaceTo-4 (XBall) (Sat-Sun)

AnnihilatorsRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
LA SWATRoster Payment Accepted
Miami DeviousRoster Payment Accepted
P.C. KatanaRoster Payment Accepted
TitusRoster Payment Accepted
WidowMakerzRoster Payment Accepted
6 teams paid of 6 teams registered in this division.

Division 4 RaceTo-4 (XBall) (Sat-Sun)

Annihilators EDGERoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
D.R. All StarsRoster Payment Accepted
ECL ALLSTARSRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
Palm Beach Venom KidsRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
RedlineRoster Payment Accepted
5 teams paid of 5 teams registered in this division.

Division 4 RaceTo-2 (5-man) (Sun)

Annihilators TooRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
DA JOES+Roster Payment Accepted
DMENTEDRoster Payment Accepted
Florida OutlawsRoster Payment Accepted
MZKRoster Payment Accepted
MZK IIRoster Payment Accepted
NXK ReactionRoster Payment Accepted
Rk'd ArmyRoster Payment Accepted
Team NLRpaintball.comRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
TU STEALTHRoster Payment Accepted
10 teams paid of 10 teams registered in this division.

Division 5 RaceTo-2 (5-man) (Sun)

Annihilator KidsRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
Annihilator Kids with a DadRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
Miami MayhemRoster Payment Accepted
ORLANDO DOOM GREENRoster Payment Accepted
Palm Beach OutsidersRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
Redline's AccidentsRoster Payment Accepted
Tampa Bay VengeanceRoster Payment Accepted
TB Vengeance BlackRoster Payment Accepted
TB Vengeance RedRoster Payment Accepted
Team NLR BlackRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
10 teams paid of 10 teams registered in this division.

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