Important Note from CFOA:

Paint Included!

2013 CFOA Entry Fees include paint! For more information about each CFOA event for 2013,please click here!

CFOA - RaceTo-X Event # 1

Event Location: Central Florida Paintball, Lakeland, FL
Event Date: Saturday, February 20th to Sunday, February 21st
Registration Deadline: Monday, February 15th 12:00 AM EST

Entry Fee Deadlines and Team Limits

Group Signed UpPaidLimitClassThrough
February 15th
Signed UpPaidLimit
RaceTo-X (XBall) 21 21 None Division 2 $1,500 6 6 None
Division 3 $1,500 10 10 None
Division 4 $1,500 5 5 None
Payment deadlines are at 11:59 PM EST unless otherwise noted above.

21 RaceTo-X (XBall) teams paid of 21 teams registered.

Free Agents for this event

Division 2 RaceTo-5 (XBall)

Carolina LockdownRoster Payment Accepted
Dark CarnivalRoster Payment Accepted
Lost BoysRoster Payment Accepted
NobleRoster Payment Accepted
Palm Beach VenomRoster Payment Accepted
TBD FIERCERoster Payment Accepted
6 teams paid of 6 teams registered in this division.

Division 3 RaceTo-4 (XBall)

AnnihilatorsRoster Payment Accepted
Cash Money KillersRoster Payment Accepted
Dark Carnival D3Roster Payment Accepted
Georgia VipersRoster Payment Accepted
La. LethalRoster Payment Accepted
NC HammerRoster Payment Accepted
Palm Beach Viper KidsRoster Payment Accepted
PR1MERoster Payment Accepted
Raiden BlackRoster Payment Pending - Pay Now
TBD FIERCERoster Payment Accepted
10 teams paid of 10 teams registered in this division.

Division 4 RaceTo-4 (XBall)

Atlanta Breakout XRoster Payment Accepted
Dark Carnival D4Roster Payment Accepted
Palm Beach Venom KidsRoster Payment Accepted
PrestigeRoster Payment Accepted
Tampa Bay VengeanceRoster Payment Accepted
5 teams paid of 5 teams registered in this division.

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