Singapore Paintball Series - Singapore Paintball Series 2013 Leg 2

SG Frontiers Rooks
Mechanical - Division 4 PALS P5 Format (5-man)

Refund Policy

Singapore Paintball Series adopts the PALS Format regulations. Participating teams must be familiar with all rules and regulations adopted by the Singapore Paintball Series. All participants MUST be 14 years old and above. Participants who are between 14 –18 years old would require parental consent before participation. This tournament is open to all local and overseas players with the exception of registered professional and semi-professional players which will require prior consent from the SPS Committee. All participation fees (i.e. Team Registration, Players ID Tag, etc) must be completed before event. Reprint or replacement of Player ID tag will be $25.00 for each ID tag.

Your entry fee is a non-refundable deposit which guarantees your team a place in the tournament. Absolutely no refunds will be provided to teams who fail to show for scheduled games.

I agree to the refund policy I DO NOT AGREE to the refund policy
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